Saturday, November 19, 2011

Life As We Know It

So we have this really cute dog, and I take pictures of her like she's a human child. I'm not ashamed, but Brannan thinks I'm pretty dorky for it :) This pup has been in our family for a month now, and I can't even remember what it was like NOT having her. She's so much a part of our lives that it's hard leaving her at home when we go anywhere. She's good practice I suppose for when a human child comes along ;) So anyways, I thought I'd share these pictures of her b/c it's human nature to share your joy with others so that they might also come to know that same joy.

Next, I'm proud to annouce that Brannan and I finally bought a new washer today. And not just "new to us", but BRAND NEW!! On top of that, it was 40% off for the Black Friday Sale, so we saved a total of 250 bucks! We'll get it next week, and I can't flipping wait! The one we have now was given to us for free, and well...I think we should have been given money for even taking that piece of crap! It will be nice to not just get the stink off, but also have it still smell like detergent :) Ok that makes us sound white trash, but there it is lol.

I wouldn't be a naggy wife if I didn't mention Brannan's new video game habits. He's been playing Skyrim every spare minute, so that left me with nothing to do but mope around. I came to terms with it, and bought some crafty things to do, b/c I realized without Brannan, I'll either sit on the couch and do nothing, or sleep. I got some yarn and a loom to make some fun stuff. I'm almost done with my scarf, but plan to make pot holders and baby blankets too. I've also been working on making block letters of our last name by modge podging scrapbook paper to the fronts of the letters and sanding the edges so they look worn and antique. The scrapbook paper is so cute! It's got the theme of roses, keys, aged paper, and old stamps. That's a pretty lame sounding description, but it's really cute I promise! They'll be going above my kitchen window, and I'll take a picture when I'm done!  

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